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Client Testimonials

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Hi Dr. Wagner,

I just want to tell you that Spencer has been doing amazing since we put him on the herbs/apple cider/probiotic combo that you recommended for him. We are so happy and relieved that he is back to feeling good. Thank you so much. You nailed it on the first try! I have no problem keeping him on this regime for the rest of his life but I’m not sure if at some point you would want to wean him off it? I really just want to express my deep gratitude for you and your expertise. Thank you thank you thank you!

– Lisa, Kari and Spencer

“We have been taking our dog “Lucilla” to Dr. Wagner for about 6 years and have been very happy. I feel like she is in tune with Lucilla and also really listens to me.

We had been looking for an alternative medicine vet, and yet I was still skeptical on our first appointment when a Chinese herbal remedy was prescribed for a significant, periodic skin condition; other vets had always prescribed steroids. I remember Dr. Wagner reassuring me that if we needed to upgrade to Western medicine pharmaceuticals, we would. (In my opinion, it is so valuable that Dr. Wagner can draw from both families of medicine.) We did not end up needing to upgrade, and in the years since, we basically never have. Chinese medicine has been very effective for Lucilla, and Dr. Wagner has gracefully gotten her through the various health challenges that have popped up over the years. Lucilla is almost 12 yrs old now, happy and healthy, and busy running up and down hills on hikes whenever possible. We are very grateful!”

– Laura S.

I highly recommend Dr. Wagner at Hawthorne Veterinary Clinic. My Boston Terrier, Opie, was diagnosed with mast cell cancer, a type of skin cancer, 3 years ago. The vet who did the biopsy was pushing surgery, chemo, and radiation, and told me Opie could be dead in 6 weeks if I didn’t do it. I don’t believe in western medical treatment for cancer, so I did a bunch of research and went to see Dr. Wagner. She was awesome – totally supportive of my decision to treat him alternatively, and we got him started on a regimen of Chinese herbs and other immune-boosting supplements and reviewed his diet. Opie just turned 9 and is still going strong! I’m asked frequently if he’s a puppy. She takes a lot of time with her patients and answers questions thoroughly. Her office is run efficiently and the front desk staff is super friendly and helpful. I recently moved away from Portland and have not yet found a vet to replace her!

– Jeanette P.

I love how knowledgeable Dr. Wagner is about natural treatments, like homeopathy, Chinese herbs, acupuncture, and nutrition. And of course, she is well versed in conventional medicine, diagnostics, and treatments too. It gives me great comfort to have a vet who understands and makes room for my personal preference to avoid giving drugs to my animals. I ask a lot of questions and she has always been patient and helpful. I have taken my animals to Hawthorne Vet Clinic for many years. My animals like Dr. Wagner and the vet techs, who are all very kind. And since one of my cats is very shy and afraid of new experiences, it’s great that Dr. Wagner also offers house calls!

– Laurie S.

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