Hawthorne Veterinary Clinic

1431 SE 23rd Ave
Portland, OR 97214



Our Services

We integrate naturopathic and allopathic medicine to provide holistic care for your animal companions. We recognize that your animal companion is a unique and complex, yet interdependent individual, and focus our treatments on maintaining or reestablishing your pet’s energetic balance. When imbalances do occur, we strive to not only address the symptoms but look for the cause(s) as well. Because holistic medicine requires an in-depth understanding of your pet and their environment, we often schedule initial appointments for 45-60 minutes. 

Our services include:

 Annual & Biannual Exams 

 Routine Diagnostics (except X-rays)

 Nutrition Counseling

 Herbal Medicine


 Low Level Laser Therapy

 Nutritional Supplements

 Prescriptions & Online Pharmacy

We recommend that you maintain a relationship with a general veterinarian for services that we do not offer, such as surgery, dental care and diagnostic imaging.

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